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We use a local as well as a private laboratory that allows us to undertake and process any type of blood test. We offer some blood tests that your regular GP surgery may not be able to offer.

We will guide you as to which blood tests we feel are required in able to come to a diagnosis but it is still up to you as to wether you want us to take and process your bloods or if you would rather go back to your usual NHS GP and ask them to do it.

We are happy to take any blood test you want us to take. It may be that your own GP does not feel a particular blood tests is required but you would still like it done. Your GP may not feel it is cost effective to undertake annual screening of your cholesterol or sugar levels but we would be more than happy to undertake blood test monitoring on an annual basis. Which ever blood test or investigation you want, Newcastle Health are at hand.


We offer ultrasound scans in house and can also undertake echocardiograms (ultrasound scan of the heart) within our premises at the Gosforth Private Clinic.

For other investigations we have links with the Nuffield, Newcastle Clinic and RVI so we can undertake X-rays, CT scans and MRI scanning.

If we feel a scan is necessary in order to come to a clinical diagnosis we will explain the pricing and if you would rather see if your own GP can organise it then we will leave that decision up to you. One of the benefits of going through Newcastle Health is we can offer rapid imaging rather than waiting a couple of weeks to see your own GP and then several more weeks in getting an appointment for your scan. It may be that your own GP does not think the scan is needed or wants to wait to see if your symptoms just settle; here at Newcastle Health we are happy to organise any scan you want.