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Newcastle Health are here to help your organisation promote and maintain the physical, mental and social wellbeing of your employees.

An estimated 140 million working days are lost every year through sickness absence, costing as much as £522 per employee, A physically and mentally healthy workforce is imperative to the success of any organisation. Work related stress in itself accounts for 13.4 million lost days, overtaking backache as the biggest cause of absenteeism. Ensuring your employees are in the best of health benefits the employees and the employer by reducing absenteeism and boosting productivity.

Our flexible and tailored approach ensures that we can meet the specific requirements for your business. Our services include employee health screening, health promotion programmes and pre-employment medicals.

Employee Health Screening

We are able to conduct health screening checks on your employees, involving a through assessment of their physical and mental health. The health screening is designed to check for some of the most common conditions such as diabetes, obesity, poor nutrition and stress. We conduct lifestyle questionnaires, physical examinations, blood tests and more. We then offer one to one results sessions where we can provide individuals with specific lifestyle advice and health promotion.

Health Promotion

We can attend your organisation to speak with your employees about health promotion and specific health advice related to your organisation. This may include talks on weight management, good nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, mental health and stress management.

Pre-Employment Medicals

It is estimated that the direct and indirect cost of replacing an employee amounts to an average of £6,000. For that reason it is important that your company chooses suitable employees. Pre-employment medicals ensures that every employee at your organisation are fit and able to perform the duties required of them. This may involve making sure the employee is in good physical health, that they have relevant vaccinations if they are involved in health and care work or drug screening to ensure they are not abusing illicit substances.

Primary Care

We offer a full range of private medical services that may benefit your employees. These include general practice consultations and a travel health clinic which can offer your employees the necessary vaccinations required for their work trips abroad.

Newcastle Health will promote, maintain and protect the health and wellbeing of your employees. Email us to find out how we can assist your organisation.