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being ill when far from home is highly stressful; newcastle health can provide prompt healthcare for visitors.

Being unwell whilst away from home can be very distressing. Whatever your health concerns, Newcastle Health are here to help. We can usually offer a same day appointment and home or hotel visits are also an option.

We are experienced in treating patients from across the UK and various countries across the globe. Learning about different cultures is part of what keeps our work interesting and we fully appreciate the importance of treating all cultures sensitively and with respect.

In cases where English is not the patients first language, we can organise interpreting services if required.

Our appointments are a minimum of 20 minutes but can last as long as your feel necessary, allowing us to fully explore your health concerns in detail.

We are able to manage the full range of acute and chronic conditions, we can arrange blood tests and imaging if required or even refer you on to specialist consultants for further treatment if necessary.

We can also provide you a copy of your consultation so you can take it back to your own regular doctor or we can even liaise with your own doctor from your home country personally.

If you hold International health insurance by one of our recognised insurance providers, consultancy fees should be covered by your insurance policy. Newcastle Health is recognised by most international insurance companies, including:

  • BUPA Global Healthcare
  • Cigna International Health Insurance
  • Allianz Worldwide Care