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Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Stress is an everyday part of life for many of us, whilst depression and anxiety is an increasingly common problem for may people. We are here to provide you with advice and support as well as medications if it is thought to be appropriate.

Unlike a regular GP service, we are able to offer you however long you want for your consultation. A traditional 10 minute consultation is no where near enough time to help someone through mental health issues. At a minimum our appointments last 20 minutes but can last up to a full hour if you would like. The longer consultations mean you will not feel rushed and will allow us to undertake a thorough assessment of your mental health. We can then offer options such as counselling, self help advice and medications if indicated.

All of our GP’s have extensive training in mental health issues and have spent at least 6 months working on a psychiatric ward. As well as simple advice and medications we can also arrange onward referrals to a specialist if that is required. If we feel or if you would like more specialist input then we can arrange a consultation with a consultant psychiatrist for more in depth diagnostics and treatment.

Newcastle Health are here to support you through whatever difficulties you may be having. Some of the conditions we have significant experience in managing include: