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A really great service! I couldn’t get in to see my own GP for a 2 weeks. I was able to get a same day appointment at Newcastle Health and I even had the choice of how long I wanted my appointment to be!

Jennifer Adams

I recently had a health check done with Newcastle Health. I figured if I get my car MOT done every year, why not my body! It was really worthwhile. The health check was very comprehensive and the report I got at my follow up appointment along with the doctors advice has been most helpful. I think I will try to get this done on an annual basis.

Naomi Howe

The doctor I saw was really good. We had plenty of time to get through my problem. He was very thorough in his questioning and seemed to undertake a very comprehensive examination. He went through all the treatment options and gave some lifestyle advice as well. I would definitely recommend Newcastle Health.

James Stewart

I got my taxi medical done with these guys a few weeks back. A very convenient service. Easy clinic to get too. Seen the next day and much cheaper than having it done at my own GP surgery.

Shahid Khan

I went with my husband and our 2 children to the north east travel clinic. We were able to get a block booking so all 4 of us could be seen together. It made it so much easier and
we were able to get what we needed all at the same time. The cost of the vaccines appeared to be fair as they are similar to some other places that offer travel vaccines.

Bethany Houghton

The doctor for my travel clinic appointment was really good, he spent a good amount of time with me to figure out exactly which injections I needed for my trip around South America. He gave really good travel advice as well as giving me with print outs. Overall an excellent service.

David Houghton

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